The gender of German nouns – Das Genus der deutschen Substantive

What is the noun?

The noun is used to name a person, a thing or an object: Boy, Letter Chair etc. Nouns always have different genders, so there are 3 genders in German.

  • Der Maskulin (Masculine)
  • Die Feminin (Feminine)
  • Das Neutral (Neuter)

These nouns can be identified by the definite article (die bestimmten Artikeln) These articles are the equivalents of (‘the’ in English) which are different for each gender:

der for masculine nouns       Der Mann       (the man)

die for female nouns       Die Frau       (the woman)

das for neuter nouns       Das Kind       (the child)

  • Neuter nouns which are equivalents of ('it' in English) can be masculine, feminine or neuter in German:

Note: All nouns in German always start with a capita

Beispiel (example):

der Stuhl

the chair


das Buch

the book


die Tür

the door

Tip: You should learn the
gender (Der, Das, Die )
when you learn a new noun.