The Past tense - Imperfekt / Präteritum

‘Präteritum’ refers to the events that happened in the past as the perfect tense but it is used mostly in written language such as stories, novel, newspapers, etc.


Ich machte die Hausaufgabe (I did the homwork)

Ich fuhr nach Berlin (I travelled to Berlin)

How to conjugate verbs in ‘Präteritum’?

For regular/weak verbs, drop the verb the ending ‘-en’ and add the verb endings of ‘Präteritum’ as follows:

For irregular verbs the vowel changes in the verb stem as follows:

‘haben’ and ‘sein’ are the most commonly used irregular verbs in ‘Präteritum’. They are conjugated as follows:

Übung (exercise):

Ergänzen das Verb in der richtigen Form.
(Complete the verb in the correct form.)