The adjectives – die Adjektive

What are the adjectives?

Adjectives are words that describe a noun or pronoun and give us more information about a person, place or thing. e.g., Das Auto ist neu. (The car is new). There are 3 types of adjectives...

  • Prädikative Adjektive (Predicative adjectives): this kind of adjectives come after certain verbs e.g. Sein (to be), bleiben (to stay) and warden (to become).
    Beispiel: Das Essen ist lecker (The food is delicious)
  • Adverbiale Adjektive (Adverbial adjectives): These adjectives come after verbs and they are the same as the adverbs in English which describe the verbs.
    Beispiel: Das Essen riecht gut (The food smells good)
  • Attributive Adjektive (Attributive adjectives): describe only the nouns and come before nouns and after the articles. Here the adjective endings have to be declined according to the case, number and gender.
    Beispiel: Das leckere Essen (The delicious food)

Adjektivdeklination: definiter Artikel

Adjektivdeklination: indefiniter Artikel