The verb - Das Verb

What is a verb?

Verbs are words that shows what a person or any other subject is doing:

'Er spielt Fußball.'   (He plays football)

'Ich lese ein Buch.'   (I read a book)

It can also show a state:   'Sie ist traurig.'   (She is sad)

- In German we have the full form of the verb which is called 'infinitiv' (infinitive).

- Most of infinitive verbs end in '-en' as in 'gehen' (to go), 'kommen' (to come). Some other verbs end in '-eln' as in 'handelen' (to act), 'wechselen' (to change).

Beispiel (example):

The verb stem is the infinitive
form without -en or -n.